Synergizing Energies , Liberating Futures

  • Environmental Protection and Sustainability

  • 4CCI members with the UN team and the Ambassadors during UN Wall Painting Campaign 2015 for Harmony and Peace Building. This campaign is a part of 70th Anniversary of United Nations.

  • 4CCI youth clubs members conducted plantation activities during an environmental protection campaign with WWF Pakistan

  • 4CCI and RIS Young Peace Makers organized Peace Walk

  • 4CCI and RIS Young Peace Makers organized Peace Walk

  • 4CCI and RIS Young Peace Makers organized Peace Walk

  • 4CCI Sister School Initiative

  • 4CCI Sister School Initiative

  • 4CCI School Up gradation Program – Reforming Schools, Empowering Communities

  • 4CCI A Local Solution to a Local Problem

  • 4CCI Computer Literacy Providing Computer Access Promoting E learning


The 4CCI team attends the launch of " Because I am a Girl Campaign" organized by PLAN international


Vocational Training for Women Empowerment

4CCI aims to educate and empower women, by giving them skills and knowledge to take charge and become drivers of development and economic growth.

4CCI offers and provides opportunities to the youth and community members to learn marketable skills such as sewing, knitting, embroidery, computer training, craft making etc.

4CCI ventured into Vocational Education with a view to bridging the gap between employment opportunities and the skill and knowledge base of the unemployed women through capacity building and training inputs, and helping them to get into entry level employment opportunities. The program is highly sensitive to market demand and takes up only those employable trades that are in demand in the local market. 4CCI Vocational Initiatives are essentially structured under these peripherals:

ICT Training, English Language Training, Call Centre Training, Beauty Industry Training, Dress Designing Training, Accounting & Finance Training, Montessori Materials and Methodology Training, beginner teacher training, employability skills enhancement, and donor agency specific solutions.
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