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  • Environmental Protection and Sustainability

  • 4CCI members with the UN team and the Ambassadors during UN Wall Painting Campaign 2015 for Harmony and Peace Building. This campaign is a part of 70th Anniversary of United Nations.

  • 4CCI youth clubs members conducted plantation activities during an environmental protection campaign with WWF Pakistan

  • 4CCI and RIS Young Peace Makers organized Peace Walk

  • 4CCI and RIS Young Peace Makers organized Peace Walk

  • 4CCI and RIS Young Peace Makers organized Peace Walk

  • 4CCI Sister School Initiative

  • 4CCI Sister School Initiative

  • 4CCI School Up gradation Program – Reforming Schools, Empowering Communities

  • 4CCI A Local Solution to a Local Problem

  • 4CCI Computer Literacy Providing Computer Access Promoting E learning


The 4CCI team attends the launch of " Because I am a Girl Campaign" organized by PLAN international


Flood Relief

Adopt a Family Project

4CCI launched a campaign for flood relief across the suburbs of Nowshera. For the purpose a batch of Roots School System volunteers launched a campaign to rehabilitate the families.

A survey conducted by Roots team of Volunteers to find out the name of 100 worst affected families whereby the names of the head of the family, along with their dependents and a brief history of their livelihood was noted down. Multiple flood relief fund raising activities were carried out. All the affectees want monetary help to restart their lives, as living on begging bowl is hurting their self esteem and integrity. The affectees are bravely confronting the unprecedented miseries of having lost their shelter, livestock, standing crops and earnings of their entire lives. The 6 million children are the most vulnerable victims of this catastrophe. All agencies dealing with Child Rights and Protection must immediately launch their efforts to protect our most precious human resource – Our Future. Their life is at risk every minute, every second. The chairperson RSS, Mrs. Riffat Mushtaq took the lead by sending relief goods worth 500,000 to Nowshera. The teaching staff has also donated 500,000 in cash to be dispersed among the affected families. This amount would enable 25 worst affected families to restart their lives as part of the Roots Adopt a Family Initiative.

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